**We are monitoring the weather and will make a call on Saturday on whether to cancel our Sunday services. We'll put further updates here and on our social media feeds.**

Missional Communities

Know. Connect. Live.

What is a Missional Community? 

A missional community (MC) is a small group of disciples that have been organized to pursue spiritual width (the making of new disciples and the expansion of the kingdom) and depth (the maturity of and care for the disciples) within a particular context. A missional community is more than a weekly meeting. MCs gather together at different times throughout the week to engage Jesus’ mission of restoration, both in our own internal lives and externally in our community. Together, we learn how to know the gospel and submit to its implications. We love and connect to one another as family, and we live out the gospel through our service and witness to our city.

Missional communities are our primary venue for discipleship. When supplemented by the Sunday worship gathering and various equipping classes - we believe this creates a holistic environment where growth can take place.

We want to see every aspect of our city blessed by God’s people: business, arts, education, government, sports, recreation, and social services. We believe gospel saturation (every man, woman, and child having a daily encounter with Jesus in word in deed) best occurs through the MC structure and our hope is to see one missional community per 1,000 people in our city.